Knowledge Base

Go to the timeline or task screen after your client created an account and click “New Task”. Fill out the form and the task will appear in the timeline and task screen.

Click the plus sign on the dashboard and send the link to your client.

After you sign up you need to verify your information to Stripe so that you will be able to get payouts straight to your business bank account. When they approve your request everything will be managed inside of Showcasing.

Go to the invoice screen and click “Add new invoice”. When you fill out the form the invoice will be send by email to your client and the payment status will be shown on each invoice you create. 

Go to the portfolio screen and fill out the details of your company. After you can add images, titles and descriptions to showcase your work to potential or current clients. 

You can either pay $30 once to add an extra client or you can delete a client that is not relevant anymore to free up an extra space.

When you created a task and you or your client want to request something based on that task you can click “add request”. When you fill out the form the other end will receive a notification with an action to take all from within the software. No need for emails or calls. 

Go to the document screen and click “add new document”. When you select either Dropbox or Google Drive and logged into your account you have the ability any file into Showcasing.