Client Management Software for Freelancers

All the tools for a one (Wo)man show

Managing multiple clients simultaneous can be hard as a freelancer. Clients have high expectations and they know you will go the extra mile to deliver what they want, but that does not mean they should take up all your time with communication and requests. Our solution is to help you automate your workflow by putting all the management aspects into one software. Deliver assets, send invoices, show project progress and email clients automatically with updates all for a one-time payment that every freelancer can afford.

All-in-one Solution

We cover timelines, invoices, documents and more.

Start Saving Hundreds

Reduce the back and forth communication with your clients.

You Only Pay Once

We believe that you should be able to freelance anytime during your life and therefore we want to offer Showcasing not monthly, not yearly, but forever. When you pay that one-time fee you will receive a client portal for 15 active clients, all future features and updates are included and the only time you ever have to pay again is when you outgrow those 15 active clients.

Intuitive Timelines

Show the progress you have made on your tasks and stop the back and forth.

Invoice Manager

Send easy to create invoices for your clients to pay in a few clicks.

Email Automations

Update clients on tasks and send over payable invoices on auto pilot.

Kanban Task Boards

Internally see in one view how all the work for each client is going.

Document Storage

Integrate with Dropbox & Google to upload client assets into one place.